The Workforce Initiative Vision

By 2023 our community will have a skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers. Students and potential employees will understand the skills required to function independently in society, will know and demonstrate required work skills, and the community will provide ways to achieve these skills. Students and potential employees will gain needed skills, thus closing the skills gap, which will increase the number of eligible and skilled candidates within our community.

Business, education, and community stakeholders will partner to create initiatives that will ensure a well-prepared and trained workforce through open communication, collaboration, active participation, and monetary investments. 

The community will shift its mentality of university for every high school graduate and instead understand and appreciate the full range of career opportunities available for students. The community will understand that technical careers are valuable and have a purpose within our community. They will also understand and support the means by which these skills are obtained.


Goal 1 | The community has the life skills and work skills required to support the business community.
Goal 2 | Business, education, government, and other stakeholders will collaborate to ensure a well-prepared workforce.
Goal 3 | The community is supportive of all career paths.


Communication, Partnership, and Collaboration (CPC)

FOCUS: Bylaws, Charter, and Code of Conduct | Employer Expo | B&E Summitt | MFG Week | Updates to EDA Boards | MFG Model | College Night

Marketing & Media Advocacy (MMA)

FOCUS: Request for Proposal for WI branding | Creation of media content and schedule | Videos highlighting employees and business operations

Work Readiness (WR)

FOCUS: Work-Based Learning (WBL) survey for employers | School's Core Character Program correlation to business culture | Combining resources


FOCUS: Sustained funding structure for WI | Donor relations

Programs & Projects


Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning in Virginia provides for workplace experience that is directly related to classroom instruction.  Virginia's CTE programs ensure a unified approach to instruction in which the coordinator blends classroom learning, workplace experiences, and career and technical student organization activities.  This instructional approach provides opportunities for students to acquire the academic and technical knowledge and skills that will enhance their employability, enable them to advance in a career, and inspire them to continue their education to maintain their competitiveness in the workplace.

Work-based Learning Types

  • Externship/Job shadowing
  • Mentorship
  • Introductory internship
  • Extended internship
  • Service learning
  • Clinical experience
  • Cooperative education
  • Youth Registered Apprenticeship
  • Registered Apprenticeship

Work-based Learning School Coordinator Contacts

Frederick County City of Winchester Clarke County
Missy McDonald
1415 Amherst Street
Winchester, VA 22601

(540) 662-3888 x 88216
Katie Rice
12 N. Washington St.
Winchester, VA 22601

(540) 398-8871
Linda Alexander
317 West Main Street
Berryville, VA 22611

(540) 955-6130



Employer Expo

Action - Host an employer expo that is sustainable, open to students and the public, includes summer jobs and internships, and offers workshops onsite.  UPDATE - The Employer Expo was held on May 23, 2019! Learn more here!

Manufacturing Week

Action - Create a week-long celebration of local manufacturing to coincide with National Manufacturing Day. UPDATE - The 2nd Annual MFG Week is underway (September 30-November 4, 2019). Learn more here. 


Action - Create videos showcasing success stories of employees, as well as highlighting business operations and types of jobs offered locally. Create a social media strategy for The Workforce Initiative. Watch Video Library Here.

Work-Based Learning Survey

Action - Create a survey intended for companies to find out if they participate in Work Based Learning (WBL) currently. In addition, seek feedback on education, years of experience, technical and soft skills for the highest demand positions, and whether or not deficiencies exist in these areas.  The Top of Virginia Chamber of Commerce Education Committee is heading up this effort.

The Workforce Initiative - creating the workforce of tomorrow through partnership.



Beth Falu
Navy Federal Credit Union
Scott Krueger
Dario Savarese
Top of VA Building Association
Catherine Kelley
Valley Health System
Debera Taylor
Regina Nischan
Finance Chair
Apple Federal Credit Union


Jeanian Clark
Vice Chair
LFCC Workforce Solutions
Karen Kellison
Lord Fairfax Community College
Mary Beth Echeverria
Frederick County Public Schools
Katie Rice
Winchester City Public Schools
Cathy Seal
Clarke County Public Schools
Jen Spataro-Wilson
Shenandoah University 


Kim Herbstritt
Shady Knoll Mushroom Farm
Jared Mounts
Shenandoah Refrigeration
Rick Till
HR Dynamics


October 8, 2019

December 17, 2019
Lord Fairfax Community College
American Woodmark Board Room

February 18, 2020
WI Board Retreat
Time & Location TBD

April 22, 2020
Business & Education Summit
Time & Location TBD

June 16, 2020
Shenandoah University
Davis Hall Board Room
Visitors Center, 2nd Floor

August 18, 2020
Location TBD

October 20, 2020
Shenandoah University
Davis Hall Board Room
Visitors Center, 2nd Floor

December 15, 2020
Shenandoah University
Davis Hall Board Room
Visitors Center, 2nd Floor

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